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Student Application

Application Steps

  1. Initial Contact
    Parents interested in possible enrollment for their child(ren) must make contact with the school by either phone or email. An initial conversation with Magdalena is the beginning of the information- exchange process.
  2. Schedule Site Visit
    In order to be considered a serious candidate for enrollment,  families must fill out an Enrollment Application and pay a $35 application fee  in order to  schedule a time to visit the Palo Alto preschool with their potential enrollee.   The hike  with the group lasts  for the full class session , if possible for the visiting family. We believe that this visitation process enables both the school staff and parents to gather enough information so as to determine whether the expectations of parents and what the school has to offer families are a good match.
  3. Application for Admission
    Once the visit has taken place, parents are to indicate their interest and readiness to formally apply for admission by notifying the preschool teacher.  At the time a family is offered a slot for their child, a deposit of first and last months’ tuition is required to secure the opening.  The school will communicate to the parents directly as to the availability of space for their child. If there is no current availability, the name of the child will be placed on the wait list. Parents will be notified when space becomes available for their child.
  4. Enrollment
    When a family is offered a slot for their child and they accept,  an Enrollment Contract  and a Waiver of Liability are given to the family. Parents must fill these necessary forms out and return them, along with their deposit payment, to the school within a two week period. Once received by the school, a confirmation letter and receipt are sent to the family.
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