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Employment Opportunities

Environmental education is a growing field full of rewards and opportunities as a career track. The No Child Left Inside movement inspired by Richard Louv is afoot and expanding. More and more, parents are seeking nature education for their children, recognizing that this is a key element to raising a physically, emotionally and socially healthy child.

We too here at Leaping Lizards are growing in order to meet the rising demand for quality outdoor education for young children. We are a partnering organization with the Children in Nature Collaborative and seek to raise awareness in our community about the need for environmental education for children of all ages.

If you are interested in learning about employment possibilities and/or mentoring programs so you too can be a vital part of the Leaping Lizards Team or if you are interested in inquiring about a consultation with Magdalena regarding adding an environmental education unit to your existing business or beginning your own environmental education preschool, contact us at:


“My experience training to be a teacher at Leaping Lizards has taught me to appreciate and interact with nature as well as learn its importance in children’s lives as a tool for them to develop self-confidence, compassion and values for their future. I believe every child should learn at an early age to respect wildlife and the valuable role it plays on earth.

I truly appreciate working at Leaping Lizards Nature Awareness Preschool. Every day is a new, fun experience. Kids are very spontaneous and being outdoors encourages them to be themselves.

I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love in a relaxed, easy-going environment. Magdalena is an extremely supportive mentor and I am excited to be joining the growing movement of early childhood nature education through my work with her.”

– Monica Ocampo, former teacher-in-training

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