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Slow down, you move too fast….

“Slow down, you move too fast,

You’ve got to make the morning last…”

Children are the best teachers we can aspire to have in our lives.  They teach us patience by trying ours.  They teach us generosity by needing so much from us.  They teach us how to live in the moment, every moment we are with them, since being anywhere but the present moment is impossible with a small child.  They teach us how to play given that they are such experts at it and most us forgot long ago the importance of play for ourselves.  And they teach us to slow down.

Life seems to keep speeding up more and more.  Faster modes of travel, faster modes of communication, faster fast food, faster and faster we run till we seem to be running our spirits into the ground.  What is the antidote to all this fast -paced, noise-polluted, gotta-get-ahead syndrome that so many of us are living?

Go for a hike with your favorite small person.  Just like in that iconic Simon and Garfunkle song from which I borrow the title, slow down and move deliberately.  Let your child take the lead, stop when they stop, look under a log for some creepy crawlies, sit as often as you can and watch your child create an imaginary world around him/her.  And if you really want to see imagination in action, take several small kids to the woods and watch what they do together.  They create magic.  Let their delight transport you to a younger version of yourself.  Get dirty, play in the leaves, smell the fall air, delight in the joy that children so naturally are and let their present moment being  inspire you.

“You’ve got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones.

Looking for fun and feeling groovy.”

59th Street Bridge Song–

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