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What do kids need most?

Hmmm………that is a good question.  Well, they need food, water and air.   Yes.  We aren’t talking that basic here.  OK.  Then they need love.  Now we are getting somewhere.  And they need to love and run and jump and touch and smell and taste and drink life in.  Yeah, now we are cookin’!!  They need time outside, in the dirt, in the water, touching worms, smelling the mugwort, tasting mustard flowers, seeing the pelicans and wearing their hoodies backwards so they can pretend they too are pelicans.  They need to feel the wind on their faces.  They need to see the sun glisten in the water and smell the bay smell and collect little stones and make birthday cakes in the sand.  They need time to make paint with rocks and paint their faces.  They need to walk in the creek and feel what it is like to have their shoes, socks and pants get wet.  The magic that happens when they have  the chance to experience this kind of childhood living is wonderful to see.

This is what Leaping Lizards is about.  And it should be what childhood in general is about.  Kids don’t need more screen time or more academics shoved down their throats.  They need  time outside, plain and simple.  Summer is approaching.  Warm weather, longer days, vacations.  Take an evening walk with your kids, go to the beach, find your local nature preserve and go.  Just go…. outside.  And the amazing thing is that these are experiences we all need no matter what our age.

Wishing you all a lovely Mother’s Day….. outside!

Leap on!!

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