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About this blog……….

I didn’t formally introduce myself on the first blog post.  I am the founder, director and lead teacher at Leaping Lizards Nature Awareness Preschool.  I’ve been teaching in this field for nearly 23 years.  My hope for this blog is to inspire parents, grandparents and any other person who shares time with young children to go take a hike and enjoy connecting with nature.  The only thing there is to know is where to go.  The rest is easy!  Points to remember while hiking with young children:

1) Hike at their pace.  Stop often. Turn logs over to see who lives underneath but be sure to put the log back just as you found it.  If you don’t feel comfortable catching and holding what might be living there, just observe.

2) Take a snack including water and be prepared for the weather by dressing yourself and your little one(s) in layered clothing.  Don’t forget your wide-brimmed sun hat  (one per person) and sunscreen.

3) Notice, notice, notice.  It doesn’t matter so much if you know the names of trees  or crittters or anything really.   It is feeling nature that counts.  Also, kids will enjoy the experience more if, along the way, you can get silly and play with them while on your outing and not make it about covering a long distance or “learning” something.  They will be learning to enjoy, be curious aand care about the natural world just by being out there with you.

4) Invite another family to go with you if you like.  Sometimes when kids have other non-related kids  to adventure with it can make it more appealing.  Try not to let yourself get too absorbed by your own adult chit chat though.  Make this time about escaping from cell phones, to-do lists, traffic, lines at stores, laundry, bad news, etc.  and about connecting with your kids, yourself and Mother Nature.   Notice the quiet, the smells, the textures , the harmony of where you are.  And of course, have fun!

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